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Brand identitiy & corporate design, logo design, UX/UI/visual design, icon design, Illustration
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About PITT | More IT-Power
Pitt IT Professionals was founded in 2012 from the philosophy; Flexibility is more than just a CV and a rate. Through years of recruitment and selection from the customer perspective, we have been able to experience what we did and did not like as a customer, when deploying an external agency to provide capacity.

Project details & role
Conceptual design
Brand identity & corporate design
Logo design
UX/UI/visual design
Icon design & illustration
PITT More IT-Power Business Card
PITT More IT-Power Webdesign B
PITT More IT-Power Webdesign C
PITT More IT-Power Webdesign A
Icon design & illustration
PITT More IT-Power icon design & illustration
Pitt-IT Hero
PITT More IT-Power Hero illustration

PITT-IT Hero illustration.
(3D modeling: Tycho van der klip)

PITT More IT-Power online banners

Online banners.

PITT More IT-Power Webdesign D
PITT More IT-PowerLogo design A

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