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Brand identity & corporate design, logo design, icon design & illustration, UX/UI/visual design
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Euphoria delivers solutions in the field of planning software and vehicle equipment to companies active in the passenger transport sector. Since 2002 Euphoria IT is active in this branch with multiple products. Mainly focusing on companies that are engaged in small-scale passenger transport. 

Project details & role
Logo design
Corporate & brand identity design
Wireframing & information hierarchy
UX/UI & visual design
Preparation & delivery of all assets for development
Cabman BCT Dashboard
Cabman BCT
You want to comply smartly with the new government guidelines. Your drivers want simplicity and ease of use. The paper stage is a thing of the past. The objectives for the government: reducing fraud and unfair competition, less paperwork and less supervision burden. 

The goals in the development of the Cabman BCT: amply meet the guidelines, but above all ensure a compact on-board computer taxi that seamlessly connects with your daily operations. With of course a user-friendly operation and a beautiful design. Thanks to the many standard functionalities, Cabman BCT is suitable for group transport, tto's and independent drivers.
Cabman BCT Screen A
Cabman BCT Screen B
Cabman BCT Screen C
Cabman BCT Screen D
Cabman BCT Screen E
The Cabman taxi registration system
Cabman Taxi Registration System
Wireframing & information hierarchy
Cabman BCT Quick Wireframe
Cabman BCT Visual Wireframe

Second wireframe with user flow, combined with the visual design.

Icon set design & illusration
Cabman BCT Icons
Brand identity design
Cabman BCT Poster
Cabman BCT Folder
Cabman BCT Centrale Packaging

Cabman Centrale box design.

Cabman BCT Roll Up Banner
Cabman BCT Corporate Website

Corporate website.

Cabman BCT Logo

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