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Brand identity design, Powerpoint presentation design, UX/UI/visual design
GAC Smart Central Header
About GAC | Smart Central
GAC Smart Central Event is a big event where customers get an update about the IT world in general, future forecasts & the impact it has on their organisation. And is always held at an inspiring location. The theme of Smart Central 2017 was 'The Digital Transition' and the location was the Aviodrome.

Project details & role
Powerpoint presentation design & development
Concept & communication means
UX/UI/Visual design for the Check-in app
Online & social media campaign banners design
Visitors 'voucher ticket' & namebadge

Flight ticket voucher.

GAC Smart Central Namebadge

'Boarding pass' namebadge.

Powerpoint presentation design & development
A few screens from the design & layout of the Powerpoint presentation used at the event.
GAC Smart Central Powerpoint A
GAC Smart Central Powerpoint B
GAC Smart Central Powerpoint C
GAC Smart Central Powerpoint D
GAC Smart Central Award

Smart Central 2017 award for the nominated clients who are in de digital transformation.

GAC Smart Central Infographic

Custom made infographic assets for the Smart Central powerpoint presentation.

GAC Smart Central Visual
Social Media & online promotion banners
GAC Smart Central Social Media Banners

Smart Central social media & online banner design for promotional use.

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